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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Supporter Side Politics of EFCA

At least for now, conventional wisdom has consigned EFCA to a post-mortem phase, which from the union perspective means, what went wrong? For some interesting background on Majority Leader Harry Reid's interest in obtaining its passage and what actually kept the bill from being voted on in the Senate, see Jane Hamsher's insightful views at What Happened to the Employee Free Choice Act? posted at the progressive blog, FDL.

If you are not familiar with Jane Hamsher, she is a film producer who started Fire Dog Lake as an individual blog. According to the Wikipedia article about her, it is named for Hamsher's favorite activity at the time it was started, sitting by the fire with her dog while watching Lakers' games. That's such a great story, if it is not true (and I have no reason to believe it is not) it certainly should be!

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