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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Perks of a (Lifestyle) Blogger

When I started this venture more than seven years ago, maybe I should have chosen my topic more carefully. Although who could have predicted what blogging would become:
Blogger Test Drives An automaker is interested in providing vehicles for bloggers to test drive for a few days and to write about the experience. They’re not looking for auto bloggers, they’re looking for lifestyle bloggers who cover topics like travel, fine dining, and culture. They will arrange the drop-off and pick up of the vehicle. If you’re interested, please contact ......... with your blog name, content overview, URL, Technorati authority, and contact information. (From form email I received today.]
The first reader with a convincing argument connecting labor and employment law to, let's say luxury convertibles, get's the first ride!

Well, cars and employment law have a long history. Who could forget the NASCAR lawsuit ( or the boss who tried to convince a worker that she had won a "Toyota" which was really a "toy Yoda" (
Reason #1: You represent the auto industry in collective bargaining and you need to assess the quality of the product.

Reason #2: Because they are well paid, labor and employment lawyers purchase a large number of automobiles; as a blogger well known among labor and employment lawyers, you are perfectly situated to provide them with recommendations on auto purchases.
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