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Friday, August 21, 2009

A Different Form of Health Plan

I am, as always it seems, behind on reading other blogs. And so probably the last thing I needed was to add another to my google reader list (a fairly recent change since Microsoft said it was no longer going to support onfolio, my all time favorite). But, just a couple of posts from Labor Law Guy an anonymous 'journalist' who says "labor law is just a current obsession in an otherwise undistinguished career" (which I heartily doubt), made me add another any way.

And amid all the ballyhoo about health care his report on a Japanese tax on obesity, Time to Tax Fatsoes Like They Do in Japan?, while no substitute for other ideas, might be something to think about.

Of course, I probably feel more favorably inclined since my new 'running' program seems to be causing a few of the accumulated pounds to fall away. Once that trend is gone, I will of course see the error of my ways in thinking that it could be an appropriate solution.

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