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Thursday, July 23, 2009

EFCA - The Aftermath of a Compromise

Although last week's NYT story announcing a compromise had been reached to drop the card check portion of EFCA has turned out to be either a trial balloon, a non-event or premature, depending on who you listen to, it has been interesting to see the reaction by advocates on both sides.

The business community has been quick to point out that a killer provision, binding arbitration, remains, which means there can be no compromise. Many union activists are seeing the loss of card check as the end of the line.

Adam Turl, writing in the Dissident Voice is in that camp, but has a somewhat more nuanced view. He acknowledges that EFCA, even without card check could be a significant victory for labor, but doesn't see it in the cards:
However, since Democrats already gave away card check without a fight, there is little reason to believe they will mount a vigorous defense of the compromised EFCA when the Republicans move in to destroy what remains.
Who killed EFCA?

From my perspective it is far too early for anyone to be performing autopsies on the failed EFCA, but Mr. Turl has some very insights into what has been going on behind the scenes by those who would like to see it passed.


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