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Thursday, July 10, 2008

What's the Real Story on E-Verify?

Given that we seem to be heading towards greater use, both by executive order that all government contractors use it, and various state statutes mandating it, it is an important question.

I was curious to see this post at the NAM's blog challenging some of the promotion of E-Verify by Secretary Chertoff, see E-Verify, E-gads. I also listened to the podcast from Cato Institute,
also raising concerns about the program's efficacy. Both NAM and Cato are for the most part allies with the Bush administration, but clearly on this issue there is a difference of opinion.

As the usage increases, there will be more information, but also if some of the concerns listed by NAM and Cato continue, there will also soon be litigation. Unfortunately, it will be the employer listed as defendant.

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