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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Thanks to all who have stopped by this space in 2007. As you may have noticed, posting has been sporadic, particularly the last half of the year although still averaging 10 a month.

In the New Year my hope is to do better, but I am also going to be busy keeping New Year's resolutions to
  • lose weight,
  • exercise regularly,
  • procrastinate less (maybe I need to think about that one some more) ,
  • and at least half a dozen other worthwhile things

that should keep me thoroughly occupied till, oh, at least next weekend!

So rather than a promise of more regular posting perhaps I should just "borrow" and extend the Merry Christmas wish from the good folks at Wage Law, and offer this statement at this year's end:

"I may or may not post anything of substance between now and the New Year ......... 2009!"

But hopefully I will, at least on occasion.

Michael W. Fox

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