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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Been Talking To Your Buddy About Pay Rates?

Then you might want to focus on this quote from today's New York Times story, Suit Claims Hospitals Fixed Nurses' Pay, detailing lawsuits filed in four cities (Chicago, Memphis, Albany and San Antonio) alleging that hospitals had conspired to keep the wages of nurses low:
Mr. Small [lead plaintiffs' counsel] said his firm had conducted an investigation in which human resources officials, recruiters and others provided evidence of a wage-fixing conspiracy. He said human resources officials at hospitals in different cities had talked with each other by phone or at industry meetings to share salary information and to agree not to raise salaries to steal nurses from each other. [emphasis added]
Probably good to brush up on what you can and can't say about wage rates to make sure that you don't stray too close to the line of an antitrust violation.

It should not be a surprise that the Service Employees International Union appears to be prominently involved in the actions.

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