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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Immigration - A Summary of the Problem for Business

If you want a quick read on why business is squirming over this issue, check out BusinessWeek's story, Immigration Reform: Why Business Could Get Burned. In a nutshell the Republican party is splitting into two factions on this issue. If you want a hint of how big a split, listen to the rhetoric from the "immigration is a security problem" branch:
The conservative movement can either be the voice of principle or it can be the voice of the Chamber of Commerce. But it cannot be both.
Representative Tom Tancredo (R. Colo) getting a standing ovation at the Conservative Action Political Conference in February.

Legislation already passed by the House could result in a 12 billion (that's billion with a b) compliance problem according to Angelo I. Amador, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's immigration policy director.

This is one time where as bad as the status quo may be, it may be far better than any solution this Congress can produce.

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