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Friday, March 10, 2006

An Austin Welcome to SXSW - Music, Film and BLOGGING

The SXSW flood has already started as the coffee shop across the street from my office was packed with folks wearing badges reflecting their registration to one or more aspects of this year's conference. Although originally based on music and film, for a number of years it has had an active interactive segment as well, which in the last two or three years has been heavily (although certainly not exclusively) tilted toward the blogging world. You can get a feel for the conference from the CNET story, Techies get set for Austin's South by Southwest, or go to the conference website itself.

Although Jottings may well be one of the longer continuous running blogs (this July will make 4 years) given the relatively narrow niche of employment law it is certainly not one that features prominently in the blogosphere. Still a welcome to all my fellow travelers in this world. Enjoy your stay.

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