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Friday, December 02, 2005

An Honest Blogger - Happy Blogiversary to Disability Law

As a small amount of controversy swirls the small world of legal related blogs concerning the publication I mentioned yesterday, Blawgworld 2006, see Even Schaeffer's post and the on-going commentary, I found the author of Disability Law's post concerning its founding one year ago particularly pertinent:
I don't do lots of navel-gazing, but yesterday was the one year anniversary of this blog. I started the blog while hopped up on painkillers from wisdom-tooth removal, and I've always thought that maybe it was just a lapse in judgment. But I've really enjoyed it, and I hope folks have found it useful. I look forward to keeping this up for yet another year.
While I can certainly identify with the idea that starting down the path of blogging is perhaps irrefutable evidence of a "lapse of judgment", obviously both from my own reading and those who are commenting about Disability Law, it has been a beneficial lapse.

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