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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ever Wonder What Your Employees Think of Your On Line Sexual Harassment Training?

At least Boise State doesn't have to worry what one of its employees, Professor Peter Wollheim, thinks. Dr. Wollheim from the school's department of communication has an unusual research area -- patterns of family disinheritance, based on interviews with people who have been written out of wills -- and also has a tongue in cheek review of the school's anti- harassment training.

You get the general idea from the lead for his article in the Boise Weekly, When Bureaucrats Rule Sex:
Lock the door. Bring out the candles. Dim the lights. Cue up the Luther Vandross. If we're doing this at home, we can pour ourselves some slightly chilled Chardonnay. Oh baby, it's time. Let's do this sitting up. I promise, it'll rock your world. And if we do it in Cascade, we might just feel the Earth move.
My guess is that Dr. Wolleheim's colleagues and students will think it a lot more humorous than the H.R. department, given quotes like this:
But from the employee perspective, Holly Borden, the comely director of Boise State's Office of Affirmative Action, has all the FAQs to get us in the mood--including the popular non-question: "The quality of the training is poor and insults my intelligence.
Sounds to me like a fellow with tenure -- and someone that it would be fun to have a drink with.

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