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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Job Tracker - The AFL-CIO's Latest

As if out to prove the merits of the old saying, competition is a good thing, the AFL-CIO fresh off of losing some of its largest member unions, has just created an information source for employees, Job Tracker which purports to review certain compliance records of over 60,000 employers. Data is supposed to be tied to government records, although my initial spin found several companies accused of exporting jobs based on a Lou Dobbs report.

Certainly labor supporters such as Jordan Barab at Confined Space are enthusiastic, Corporate America Beware: AFL-CIO Creates Key To Who's Been Naughty and Who's Been Nice. And it would probably be wise for employers to check out their own ratings, just to see what employees, potential employees and others may be seeing. Frankly, put in the context of the size of most employers' operations, not to mention the individual cases that may be listed, I think the results may be a lot less damning than many would think, and others would hope. Of course information in context is not always the goal.

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