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Friday, August 05, 2005

A Tease of a Story - Does it Pay to Flirt?

Some stories are just best left alone --

Flirting at the office is not only taboo, but it could even take a toll on your financial future. Women who cross their legs provocatively, wear short skirts or massage a man's shoulders at work get fewer pay raises and promotions, according to Friday's USA Today. Does it pay to be a flirt? Report says no.

The study was apparently done by Tulane Professor of Organizational Behavior in the Freeman School of Business, Arthur Brief, although the article is not totally clear on his role. A quick search of Tulane's website found no reference to the study itself, even in an article datelined today about the research being conducted at the Freeman School, The Business of Research, Scholarly research in the classroom.

Professor Brief is quoted in the article however on his view of the role of research:

Universities have a dual function to generate knowledge and to diffuse knowledge. The knowledge transferred in the classroom comes from scholarship, or it should come from scholarship. ... We are very, very engaged in doing research and the nature of the research we do can't help but impact what we do in the classroom.

It would be interesting to see the full study as it touches on an important topic that deserves more than a salacious teaser from USA Today, or admittedly, this post.

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