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Monday, August 15, 2005

$3 Million Award to Commerce Employee on Disability Claim

Been awhile since the last MDV report, but last Thursday a Washington D.C. jury returned a $3 million dollar verdict in favor of Lisa Bremer, formerly the FOIA officer for the Department of Commerce. She retired in 2003 after her supervisor ended an agreement that allowed her to work at home two days a week. She sued under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 alleging disability discrimination. She was diagnosed in 1991 as having MS and uses a wheelchair. See the Washington Post story, Employee $300,000, Commerce $0.

It's not clear if the $300,000, [sic] was just an omission of the final three zeroes, or an acknowledgement that $300,000 is the limit for compensatory damages, not withstanding that the jury awarded ten times that. Yet another MDV where the defendant is a governmental agency.


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