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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

More on Judge John Roberts' Decisions in Labor and Employment Cases

Superceded: Click here for A More Complete List of Judge John Roberts' Labor and Employment Related Decisions.

In addition to the two opinions mentioned in my prior post, a quick (which means it may not be complete) search found 27 decisions that Judge Roberts participated in on the D.C. Circuit. I have provided a brief description of the Court's actions, Judge Roberts role in the decision and characterized it as either for the employee or employer position. Althought that is a very arbitrary way of looking at decisions, it still shows that Judge Roberts has certainly not been one sided. In fact what is more notable is the number of times Judge Roberts sided with the employee's position in reversing a lower court or agency. Most, although not all, of his rulings that favored employers were in agreement with the court or agency below.

Donald Caster, who is the author of a superb blog with a different point of view, All Deliberate Speed, has contributed to this look at Judge Roberts' record with a more detailed analysis of some of the opinions on the court, as well as a look at some of the cases he handled as an advocate. See Judge Roberts' Record on Employment Law.

More I am sure will come in the future, but for those interested in going to the source materials so to speak, here's a start.

Update: Although not highlighted all case names should be links to the actual decision.

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