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Monday, July 18, 2005

Blawg Review #15 - Ready for Perusal

You have to not only love, but stand in awe at the wit and energy behind Blawg Review #15, hosted this week by fellow management employment lawyer, George Lenard at George's Employment Blawg. You know it has potential when it sets out these self imposed criteria:
Blawg Review #15 shall have a groovy, rockin', psychedelic 60s and 70's theme.
Every post shall be grouped under a pop-song heading, preferably the Beatles.
Every Graphic shall complement this theme in some fashion.
And then meets them all in splendid fashion! It is a mid-summer must read.

And thanks for his kind words on the 3rd anniversary of Jottings:
I started this Blawg (a bit over two years ago), knowing Jottings was the main "competition." It soon became obvious to me that the universe of blawg-worthy material was more than adequate to keep us from being redundant.

Jottings is frequently included in my HR/Employment Blogosphere Updates, because of the consistently well-summarized case analysis, something I often lack time for. Jottings has been a good competitor in setting a high standard and inspiring me to reach out in a slightly diferent direction -- making this Blawg somewhat more HR-oriented.
With wit and humor as exemplified by today's post extravaganza (inspired no doubt by the Grateful Dead Tshirt and week end reunion) there is no danger of George's Employment Law Blawg showing up on anyone's redundancy list.

I have a Q-

Am taking some Biz law classes right now and am having rough go at finding some answers.

Here's an example-

Joe works for company A, and is given a task to gain employment with company B, who is a competetitor. He uses his hacking skills to intercept emails etc, and send all information he can gather about the company, even correspondence between executive management and board members to company A. He meets weekly with company A to go over his finding on a weekly basis.

Q-what if any civil liability could Joe face if caught....What civil liability could company A face?
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