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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Major Step Coming Today in AFL-CIO's Future

Although I don't track traditional labor activities as much as employment law, the internal debates inside organized labor, and the possible splintering of the AFL-CIO, are certainly important developments for employers to follow. It will take some time for the energy that is now being directed internally to be reflected outwards, but there is no doubt that at some point there will be a definite surge and employers should be prepared. The Labor Blog post today, Five Unions to Exit AFL-CIO?, has the view from one perspective inside the movement. It also notes that yesterday's action by the United Food & Commercial Workers authorizing its leadership to secede from the AFL-CIO if certain conditions were not met is even bigger news. All in all it will be an interesting summer. I will try to stay more closely attuned.

Update: A couple of more good posts from those blogging from the labor side of this issue, from Matthias Bolton at Unions-Firms-Markets, More on Today's Press Conference of Dissident Unions and from the Working Life, The New Federation Spreads Its Wings. In fact, check out Jonathan Tasini's blogging of the press conference which kicks offs in 20 minutes at the Working Life.

Further update: The newly formed organization formed by the 5 unions has their website up and running here, which includes the press release announcing the formation. The website also has the Change to Win coalition's constitution and bylaws.

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