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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Just In Time For Father's Day - Get Your Children On the Payroll Early

It's a great family tradition for certain longshoremen in the Boston area according to Philip Wilson's post at Laboring Away at the Institute, Talk about "child labor". According to Wilson:

The NYT reports today that certain Boston Longshoremen have allegedly been putting their children on the union payroll beginning as early as age 2, to help secure their place on the seniority rolls (as well as let them start out at $30 an hour instead of $16).

Check out the whole post for the rest of the story.

If you are one of the lucky kids who has had a 16 to 20 year seniority jump on the rest of the field thanks to your dad's "foresight," I hope you pony up a nice father's day gift!

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