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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Danger of Emails - You Can't Be Reminded Enough

Michael Fitzgibbons' post, Email Can Be Really Dangerous, is a good reminder of several recent email incidents, including this judicial comment by one of his former partners:
It is indeed tragic that a relationship of this duration ended in this fashion. It is also unfortunate that the parties chose to communicate their feelings to each other by e-mail. While e-mail is a useful method of conveying of information, it is less appropriate for debates in hotly charged circumstances. It seems odd that neither [the supervisor] nor [the employee] picked up the telephone and spoke to each other directly. This might have defused matters. In the end, it cost [the employer] a valuable employee and cost [the employee] her job.
How's that for common sense advice?

Even if you don't need to know anything about Canadian employment law, Michael's Thoughts From A Management Lawyer should be on your list of regular stops or in your RSS aggregator.

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