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Thursday, May 26, 2005

New FMLA Regulations Coming Soon?

Professor Gely at the LaborProf Blog is commenting on the possibility of the DOL issuing new FMLA regulations soon in DOL Considers Changes To FMLA's Regs, including a link to a news story, Family, medical leave act at center of hot debate, by Stephanie Armour, USA Today's workplace reporter. It is true that there is both need and support for changes to the FMLA. You can check out some of the arguments being made for change at the website of the National Coalition to Protect Family Leave.

While I hope I am wrong, I would be very surprised to see the DOL venture out too far into controversial regulatory waters so soon after the heated rhetoric over the changes to the FLSA white collar exemptions. Changes to the FMLA would not have to be controversial, but given the partisan rhetoric that permeates every issue in Washington these days, it would be. This is one prediction I would be happy to see be spectacularly wrong, but don't put too much money against me on this one.

Updated: Not quite three years later, the proposed regulations are in the February 11, 2008 federal register. See my post here with a link to the proposed regulations.


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