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Saturday, April 09, 2005

What Makes Work Meaningful? Answer That and I May Be Out of Work

If most employees found their jobs and work meaningful there would be a lot less need for those of us who toil in the field of dispute resolution between employers and employees. Nevertheless, I heartily encourage the efforts, so was intrigued by a post in Worthwhile, What makes work meaningful?, linking to Tom Terez' site, Better Work Place Now. Terez has divined 22 concepts from his study over the last two years of employees and what makes their work, work for them. Not inlcuded in the 22 per se is 'dignity', although 'respect' is, (two other concepts for lessening the need for me and my kind of lawyer) and just from perusing the others, no doubt the general concept of dignity is included as well. In any event worth checking out, thinking about and acting on.

Worthwhile is both an interesting blog and also a new magazine, although my not too diligent efforts to find a copy at a bookstore have not been fruitful. I am frequently impressed by posts which make me look at things a little differently than before, always a good thing.

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