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Monday, April 25, 2005

Hiring For Security Sensitive Positions - Check Out This White Paper

The American Society of Safety Engineers Council on Practices and Standards (that's a mouthful) have just released a white paper on Pre-Employment Testing and Investigation for Security-Sensitive and Other Positions. What are security-sensitive positions you might ask? Their list would cover those jobs where employees:
  • Handle currency.
  • Have access to confidential information.
  • Have routine access to building master control and key systems.
  • Are responsible for the care or instruction of children.
  • Work in an area designated as a security-sensitive.
  • Drive company vehicles and/or equipment.

One item that caught my eye was

DNA or Fingerprint Checks —As technology advances and as databases become more extensive and better-connected, DNA and fingerprint testing becomes more important as a method of evaluating applicants. From a risk management perspective, not identifying someone's history with respect to an issue such as child molestation is foolish for positions in which your applicant will be dealing with children. There are also laws that require fingerprinting for certain positions, such as childcare workers, law enforcement and some social service employees.
The paper doesn't quite make clear the import of its reference to DNA checks, but it does make me think that legislators who are rushing to pass laws prohibiting use of DNA information may have more relevance to the real world than I have customarily thought.

Of course, having just returned from 3 marvelously cool days at Jazz Fest, and all the pleasantries that New Orleans offers in way of music and food (well not ALL, but I did partake of my fair share) it could just be that my brain is addled. When I dig out of the accumulated email and other issues and realign the synapses, more regular posting will hopefully follow.

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