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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The End to Age Discrimination?

Well hardly, but certainly there are employers who are now actively seeking older workers. And it's enough of a trend to merit a story in today's NYT, More Help Wanted: Older Workers Please Apply. While it's unlikely to mark the demise of age discrimination complaints, such articles might well condition juries to be less receptive to the idea that a terminated employee in their 50's is washed up, and thus should be compensated until their anticipated normal retirement date.

Thanks to Workers Comp Insider for the heads up. You should check out their post, Older Workers Wanted:The Good News and the Bad, which combines not only a link to the Times story, but also to Employing older workers and controlling workers’ compensation costs discussing safety issues that can go hand in hand with an aging workforce.
I can also identify with Jon Coppelman, the author of the post, "Speaking as an older worker, I applaud this effort to expand the workforce ... "

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