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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

One Paper's Opinion - Public employees simply can't be fired

That's the view of the Las Vegas Review Journal commenting on the saga of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and Professor Richard Sutton. The paper was reacting to the Nevada Supreme Court's affirmation of Sutton's latest victory two years ago. The paper had reported the story then, Professor again wins reinstatement.

This weeks editorial, The ultimate job security detailed the trials (truly) and tribulations of the University's efforts to fire him. Twice they tried, and twice he sued successfully. The paper's conclusion:
It's difficult to determine what's more maddening: that an employee with poor reviews was paid for years off the job, or that a branch of government would spend so much public funding on a second trial defeat and appeal. Whether they appear before a boss, jury or arbitrator, the overriding sentiment toward fired public employees seems to be, "It's only taxpayer money."
Enough said.

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