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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Will GPS Be In Your (or Your Boss's) Stocking this Christmas?

This still may not yet be the year that GPS has its break through in consumer electronics, but it is coming. The major retailers all have multiple gps products in their Christmas catalogs although the cost is still in excess of the sweet spot for most consumers. But now that they are making the holiday offerings, you can bet it is only a matter of time before the technology is commonplace. It is already soon enough to be aware of their application in the workplace.

For an introduction check out an overview from Robert C. Goldberg, the General Counsel of the Business Technology Association, Employee Monitoring Technology Use Must be Fair and from an employee oriented view point, On Your Tracks: GPS Tracking In the Workplace, from the National Workrights Institute. Professor Rafael Gely at the Labor Prof Blog caught one of the first instances of the issue becoming a subject of collective bargaining in talks between the City of Chicago Parks department and Service Employees International Union Local 73. You can see how the union felt about the possibility of Big Brother monitoring by checking out the story in the Chicago Sun Times.

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