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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Getting Paid to Read Books - Employee Sues?

This seems to be a week for Catch 22 stories. The facts are a little complicated, but it appears Patricia Freund, a New York state employee, raised questions about state workers attendance at Governor Pataki's non-denominational prayer breakfast. She went at the urging of her boss, but later complained to co-workers. According to her, in retaliation for her complaints:
Her duties were taken away from her and she was relegated to a back office where she now spends her time often reading books she brings from home. With benefits, her job costs taxpayers about $100,000 a year.
Her lawyer, "it's making her absolutely crazy." Check out the AP story in Newsday. A few New York taxpayers footing the bill for her quasi-employment and now the litigation costs, might go bonkers as well.

Thanks to Professor Gely for the tip on this story at the Labor Prof Blog.

Good grief! For less than half of what she's making, I'd gladly sit around and read books all day.
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