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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Another Black Eye For Air Force - Top Lawyer May Face Sexual Charges

Although not technically sexual harassment since the conduct was consensual, the Air Force's top lawyer is said to have engaged in improper relationships with more than a dozen women over the last decade. According to the story, Air Force's Top Lawyer May Face Charges in the Washington Post, Maj. Gen. Thomas J. Fiscus may have run afoul of the strict rules of the military against fraternization. Another concern -- service members who were charged with adultery, harassment or similar issues since Fiscus became the Air Force's top lawyer in February 2002 may seek to have their cases reopened.

Coming on the heels of the long running scandal of how sexual assaults were handled at the Air Force Academy, see Air Force Officials Blamed for Lapses in Sexual Assault Reporting, this is clearly not the Air Force's shining hour.

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