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Friday, November 19, 2004

Introducing - The Blogging Network

For those who have visited these pages before, you may have noticed a change, there is now a 3rd column, occupied by an advertisement, topped by a small phrase, An Affiliate of the network. That change marks the beginning (and my association) with a new venture of American Lawyer Media which today initiates the Blogging Network. I am honored to be joining seven other blogs as the first affiliates. In addition to Jottings, they include:
The Volokh Conspiracy founded by UCLA Law School professor Eugene Volokh and co-authored by 14 co-bloggers (mostly fellow law professors).
May It Please the Court by J. Craig Williams, a California business litigator.
My Shingle, by D.C. solo practitioner Carolyn Elefant.
I/P Updates by Bill Heinze, a practicing intellectual property attorney.
Crime & Federalism by Michael Cernovich, a third-year law student at Pepperdine University.
the [non]billable hour by Matt Homann, a practicing attorney, mediator, and an adjunct professor at his alma mater, Washington University Law School in St. Louis, Missouri, and
The Common Scold, by Monica Bay the editor in chief of Law Technology News.
Tying all of this together will be the Legal Blog Watch authored by Lisa Stone.

For those of you who have been readers in the past, hopefully not much will change, except that you will be joined by many more readers.

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