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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

It's A New (Fiscal) Year for the U.S. Government

And that means something for employers. For one, more than a few companies who had been dealing with the EEOC over potential litigation found themselves as defendants in a newly filed lawsuit as the agency repeated its annual ritual of filing a large number of suits in the last week of the fiscal year. It does not seem to me to be a money issue, since the costs of the suit will all come in the next fiscal year, but it certainly is a way of making the numbers of cases filed in the fiscal year look better. Always an important stat for any regulatory agency.

The new fiscal year also meant a new year for H1-B visas. That program which is currently capped at 65,000 allows companies to bring in certain professionals from outside the country. In the tech boom Congress had allowed the number to soar as high as 195,000. Last Friday, a new year opened, unfortunately according to the LA Times story, Limit Reached on H1-B Work Visas, it also closed. Only applications filed by last Friday will be considered according to that report. Unless Congress provides some relief, those desirous of such visa's can join the legion of Cubs fans and wait for next year.


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