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Saturday, October 02, 2004

The Circle of Employment Law Blogs Expands

Checking out George's Employment Blog, which I do far too infrequently these days (and it has nothing to do with swearing off anything to do with St. Louis, especially now that the Astros have made it back into playoff contention), he has tracked down a new employment law blogger, Phillip Wilson, whose Laboring Away at the Institute, is self described as "sitting at the intersection of labor, organization transformation, politics, austrian-economics and high-end audio." Not too surprisingly, he notes he is "pretty much the only house on the block." And one of Wilson's recent posts led me to yet another new blog, LaborProf Blog, written by Rafael Gely, Professor of Law at the Cincinnati College of Law. Both appear to be of August '04 vintage. Welcome to the club.

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