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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Bullying Award Cut, But £630,000 Still In Play

Cantor Fitzgerald is £116,000 better off following its appeal of an award to a former employee who claimed he was subjected to a “culture of bullying and abuse”. The Scotsman website has the report, Cantor Fitzgerald Wins Damages Award Cut. I reported on the initial award here more than a year ago. With a conceded £75,000 offset for amounts earned at his new employer, so far Cantor Fitzgerald is only out £41,667. However, £630,000 is still at stake and has been referred back to the lower court for further articulation of its rationale based on the evidence already taken. Although it is not clear, it appears that amount is related more to a bonus that was not paid than damages arising from the bullying conduct. Although not totally clear, it appears that the award just for the bullying conduct, after the reduction by the appellate tribunal, was £116,000, still a fairly substantial amount of coin for 6 months abuse.


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