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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Will It Never End? Political Wrangle Over DOL Rules Continues - House Votes to Bar Enforcement of New White Collar Regs

In yet another fight, with an eye much more on politics than merit, a few minutes ago the House voted in favor of an amendment that would bar expenditure of funds by the Department of Labor to enforce the new rules on the white collar exemptions under the FLSA. In typical, "it's a crazy world fashion," there is a dispute as to whether the law will do what its backers want. And of course it may never come to pass, since today's amendment still has to pass the Senate, the conference committee and a threatened veto. One possibility, nothing is finalized until after November 2nd. Here is the AP wire story, House Votes to Block New Overtime Rules. Just to make clear, for now, the new rules are effective.


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