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Monday, September 13, 2004

This Ought To Be Interesting - Librarian Drugged and Abducted

One thing I have noted on these pages over the years (amazing to talk of a blog in term of years, but Jottings now is 2 years old) is the Million Dollar Verdict or MDV for short. But I also occasionally see reports of a new lawsuit being filed which just reminds me of why being an employment lawyer is so great and our war stories are just so much better than lawyers practicing other types of law. Rather than being selfish, I might as well share some of those from time to time. The first, this ought to be interesting or TOTBI for short, was filed last week in Harris County. A brief summary of the petition per the Courthouse News Service report
Sex discrimination and retaliation case in which the defendants fired the plaintiff, a librarian for the defendant, April 6, 2004, after she complained that the individual defendants and two others talked about drugging and abducting her. Plaintiff was drugged twice after overhearing that Feb. 27, 2004, conversation and then sprayed with hydrogen sulfide April 2, 2004.
Wonder if that was an OSHA violation as well?

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