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Monday, September 27, 2004

Fantasy Football - A Major League Work Problem?

Apparently so, at least big enough to get the attention of the NYT today. But their story is based on a report by a consulting firm that was blogged much earlier by a number of folks, including this post as Shel Holtz's site. If the consulting firm's estimate of lost time due to fantasy football is even close to correct, then it's a pretty expensive hobby, assuming it's done on 'work time.' The consultants calculate each 10 minutes spent on fantasy league activities has a collective cost of nearly $40 million in lost productivity. While the Times notes some employers are cracking down, Holtz gets specific, citing a story that GM has now barred access to a number of fantasy football sites. One nostalgic viewpoint, what about baseball? Telling when one doesn't even consider that the "national pasttime" might be causing a similar loss to employers.

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