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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Starbucks Union Woes Over?

Well at least one battle is, as the venerable Wobblies of the IWW, which as I noted here, had filed a petition to represent employees at the Starbucks' 36th and Madison location in Manhattan, have now withdrawn their petition. That follows a challenge over the appropriateness of the requested bargaining unit. The Regional Director's ruling [pdf] finding the union's requested single store unit appropriate, but including shift supervisors over the union's objection, was appealed to the Board. The Board agreed to hear the appeal, an action described in an even-handed way [he says with tongue planted firmly in cheek] at the Union's website as, Bush Administration Intervenes for Starbucks Against Union. The day after the Board agreed to accept the appeal, the IWW withdrew the petition according to a story in the BNA's Daily Labor Report ($).

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