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Thursday, August 05, 2004

OSHA Required to Disclose Safety Data

If you have had workplace safety issues that you would prefer not to have discussed on the pages of the Old Gray Lady you might want to follow the course of a lawsuit filed by the NYT to force OSHA to provide information about "the injury rates for 13,000 sites it had identified as having unusually high numbers of worker injuries and illnesses." Last Friday, a federal district judge ordered OSHA to do so. You can read the story, Judge Orders Agency to Disclose Safety Records where else, but in the NYT itself. While this particular suit is limited to 2002 data, one would assume that if it is ultimately successful, there might be other requests for other years, both going forward and perhaps even backwards.

I picked this article up from Confined Spaces, a blog focusing on "News and Commentary on Workplace Health & Safety, Labor and Politics" and written by Jordan Barab, who according to his bio "spent 16 years running AFSCME's health and safety program."

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