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Monday, July 19, 2004

Fear and Loathing In the Workplace, Not By Hunter S. Thompson

The gonzo journalist of Fear and Loathing fame has not written this one. Instead its yet another anti-bullying story from across the pond. This one from the Guardian, Fear and loathing in the workplace. Chalk this up as yet another in the ongoing bullying watch, where I hope to immunize the country before it spreads here as a cause of action. Actually, in fairness to this article, it gives hints on how to resolve issues without "resorting to the law." I am not for bullying in the workplace or elsewhere, but fear for what happens when the following [alleged] conduct could become the source of lawsuits:
He would take credit for her achievements and criticize her to colleagues when she left the room. He made unfounded attacks on her work and gave her lengthy projects that, at the last minute, he would suddenly decide were unnecessary.
If we ever go there ... well, "surely,"  he said hopefully, "we won't."


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