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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Be Wary of Phone Calls Telling You to Strip Search Your Employees!

Something that almost seems so far fetched as to be an urban legend, is not, as you can see in this report from the Rapid City Journal on a trial just concluded in that South Dakota city. A manager of a Hardee's restaurant was found not guilty of rape and kidnapping, after he held one of his female employees in custody for three hours, had her strip naked and searched her, all at the insistence of a male telephone caller who told him he was working with Hardees' management officials and the police. The jury which saw a video tape of the episode, plus heard the testimony of the victim, would have convicted the defendant of something, but not the severe crimes of rape or kidnapping. Although I frequently say given what I have seen over the past quarter of century happen in the workplace, almost nothing surprises me, but I have to admit, this one does.

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