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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

EEOC Changing The Rules - From 5 to 62

Potential classifications for employees that is. Every year each employer with more than 100 employees gets to file an EEO-1 reporting on the statistical breakdown of its work force in broad job groupings by sex and race. Currently, that breakdown was among five racial groups. Questions about what to do with multi-racial employees has caused the EEOC to consider options. Their initial conclusion, let's divide employees into 62 groups, with the possibility that some may be included in more than one group. Concerns from employers, many of which are set out in the article from the Kansas City Business Journal have caused a 90 day delay and perhaps reconsideration on the part of the EEOC. It may be yet another example of how a good idea sometimes ends up distorted as it wends its way through the bureaucracy.


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