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Saturday, December 13, 2003

Not A 9th Cir. Decision Yet - Illegal To Require Women to Wear Makeup?

But coming soon to a casebook near you will be the 9th Circuit's pronouncement on whether Harrah's mandate that all female barkeeps wear make up is discriminatory. The Reno Gazette Journal has the story, Lawsuit about more than being fired on the underlying facts that led to Darlene Jesperson's termination after 21 years because of her refusal to comply with the makeup requirement initiated by Harrah's "Beverage Department Image Transformation” program. Personally, I think Harrah's should lose based on the bureaucratic title of the program alone, but fortunately that is not a legitimate grounds for judicial intervention into the workplace, even in the 9th Circuit. Thanks to How Appealing for the pointer to the article. Stay tuned for the decision.

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