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Thursday, December 04, 2003

City Funds Trapped By Sexual Harassment Judgment

Cash flow in Bernardsville, NJ (population 7,345) just got a little tighter as a lien for $1.4 million was placed on the city's bank account just before Thanksgiving. The lien was based on a $500,000 jury verdict, which was coupled with $900,000 in legal fees stemming from a claim of sexual harassment by a former police department employee.

The city said it was blindsided by the action. In what I hope is a misquote or at least taken out of context, a lawyer hired to evaluate an appeal for the city (which decided not to) said, "I can't really give you a good rational explanation why she did this," he said." I think I can. She wanted (and no doubt was entitled to) her money. That's what happens when judgments become final. You can check out the story in the Bernardsville News.

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