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Sunday, November 30, 2003

Settlement Gone Bad - Law Firm Now In Defendant's Box

The law firm of Leeds, Morelli & Brown has won the first round of a law suit by their former clients claiming the firm sold them out in their class action suit against Nextel. According to the story in the Denver Post, the firm agreed to a two year consulting agreement with Nextel, for a cool $2 million. What makes that appear even more unusual was that the individual claims of the employee/plaintiffs were still to be resolved. Still, the law firm won the first round of a trial in Arapahoe County District Court. Stay tuned, appeal promised.

Even more interesting is this link to Eichen, Levinson (self described as personal injury trial lawyers) who are again in their own words
aggressively investigating this matter [which refers to their description of a similar case involving Prudential and solicitation of employees of several other firms, not Nextel]. If you or a friend or family member retained Leeds Morelli in any discrimination matter, and you were not told of the millions of dollars of up-front legal fees they received before you recovered a dime, and if you were never told of secret lucrative ‘back end’ consulting deals Leeds Morelli got from some of the very defendants they were supposedly suing, then call us at EICHEN LEVINSON, or email us your information, so that we may take steps to help you.
Is it too much to hope that all of the firms engaged in class solicitation will turn on each other?

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