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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Making It Easier To Complain - Coming Soon An EEOC Call Center

Although I haven't seen a mention of it in the regular press, the Daily Labor Report (subscription required) is reporting that the EEOC is voting to set up a national call center which would apparently take discrimination complaints. It would be on a 2 year trial basis and would employ contractor employees. (I can see the ads now, Telemarketers - Tired of Selling Steak Knives - Come Listen To Employees Complain). The U.S. Newswire did have a storyl ast week which focused on the opposition of the AFGE union to many of the proposed changes.

The call center is just one of a number of internal changes being proposed by the Chair, Cari Dominguez to the full five member Commission. Following confirmations of Naomi Earp (who had been sitting under a recess appointment and who was originally opposed by the NAACP), Leslie Silverman and Stuart Ishamaru by the Senate last Friday, the EEOC is now at full strength for the first time in a number of years. The fifth member is Paul Steven Miller.


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