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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

What Employers Fear Most - Settlements (and Successful Suits) Beget More Claims

Fort Lauderdale is getting a reputation as more than a place for a fun spring break. Based on what has happened the last two years, its employees appear to see it as an easy mark for discrimination complaints. Sonji Jacobs of the Miami Herald has a story on the most recent jury verdict which ended Tuesday, with an almost $500,000 verdict, which could double before it is finally resolved. The case involved a maintenance employee who claimed he was not promoted because he was Haitian. He remained employed during the litigation and convinced the jury that he had been retaliated against following his complaint.

Since 2001, the City (and its insurer) has paid out almost $2 million. The City manager resigned last Friday, after having to deal with a "steady stream of complaints", many filed under its predecessor. An unfriendly way of being reminded of the importance of good employment practices, proper treatment of your employees, and the appropriate handling of complaints.

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