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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Ouch - That Hurts - Corporate America Doesn't Think Much of Texas Legal System

Or at least that is the story of a poll was done by Rochester, N.Y.-based Harris Interactive Inc. for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce sponsored Institute for Legal Reform. The Houston Business Journal reports that Texas ranked 46th in terms of perceived fairness of its state justice system. Those polled were companies with revenues exceeding $100 million. Here is the 80+ page study itself. So much for all of those cutting remarks we make about California, although it is only slightly better at 44. The good news is that we were better than Louisiana, Alabama, West Virginia and the home of Trent Lott. However, West Virginia and Mississippi got asterisks based on recent changes to their laws which may help in the future. Go here to see an ad [pdf] for Texas that the Chamber has prepared.

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