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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

How the Internet Is Changing the Employment Law World

Cintas, a large uniform maker has been sued by a group of employees claiming they were misclassified as exempt employees to avoid paying them overtime. The AP story is at the Findlaw Corporate Counsel Center, a collection of articles of interest to corporate lawyers. But other sites focus on information and assistance to the claimants and potential claimants in such matters. At a site simply called, the action taken against Cintas is described along with others. Following the internal link takes you to this point: Cintas overtime Class Action. Submit your complaint. And just in case you might not meet the particulars of the suit filed, there is an invitation to send in any other complaint you might have. According to the website, here is what happens if you submit a complaint:
Please note: if the information you fill in on the form for a pending class action does not match the description of the class, it will not be forwarded to the law firm handling that particular action. We will, however try to find a lawyer to review your complaint.
If you are registering a complaint for a possible class action, your registration may be forwarded to one or more attorneys. An attorney will contact you only if they are interested in pursuing your case, or if they need additional information.
All kinds of suits are included on this site, but just focusing on the employment law ones, there are classes for cases settled, cases pending and most intriguing "Join a group of people seeking a class action against" which is a list of both specific companies, or more generally, specific types of claim such as overtime violations or employers who allegedly practice race or sex based wage discrimination. Check here to see if you make the target list.

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