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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Climate for Complaints?

When employees worry about their future, there are two schools of thought on what may happen. One school is that employees hunker down, try to keep a low profile and not make waves. Another is that they tend to act out and seek ways to protect themselves. Neither approach is good for productivity. While I tend to believe more employees adopt the hunker down style, there is no question that some will act out. If the results from a global survey are correct, we may all have a chance to see which is more prevalent in the near future. According to a survey by Right Management Consultancy reported in the Financial Times one out of four Americans fear they will lose their job this year. Thanks to the M. P. Catherwood Library at the Cornell School of Industrial & Labor Relations for picking up this article. Only British workers have a greater level of anxiety. Not a positive note for employers in these already trying times.

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