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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Wake Up Call For Employers - Report of Current Employee Attitude

Towers & Perrin, the large consulting firm, and Gang & Gang, their research partner, today release a study of employees' view of their work which should be a wake up call for employers. One of the money quotes, "Right now, emotion about the current work experience is extremely negative." Interestingly, it is not related to a crises of trust, as you might expect given the focus of the last year, but questions of competence of those leading the companies. And, again repeating what most in the h.r. business have known all along, it is not really about money, but about recognition and fairness. All in all, a somber reminder that almost every company's self avowed "most important asset", their employees, are uneasy, at best. Go here to see the report, Working Today:Exploring Employee's Emotional Connection to Their Jobs [pdf].

And for those of us who try lawsuits involving employment law issues, it is a not too subtle message that juries, made up primarily of employees who bring their own workplace feelings with them to the jury box, are apt to start with a less than favorable view of the employer that stands before them accused of wrongdoing.

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