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Sunday, December 08, 2002

Texas Legislature - Proposed House Bills

The legislative session doesn't open until January 3, 2003, but many of the Representatives-elect have already begun to pre-file legislation. Among the bills that would impact employment practices are the following:

HB 50 Sylvester Turner D - Houston. Mandatory leave for employees to attend school conferences, and penalties against retaliation for exercizing that right.

HB 105 Norma Chavez, D - El Paso. Would allow unemployment benefits, without charge to an employer's account, if an employee is forced to leave employment because of domestic violence.

HB 126 Lonnie Burnam D - Fort Worth. Requires parity for mental illness in disability policies sold in state of Texas.

HB 145 Burt Solomons R - Carrollton. Provides for modification to enforcement of interlocutory orders of the Texas Workers Compensation Commission.

HB 152 Ron Wilson D - Houston. Placing limitations on an employer's ability to obtain so called 'dead peasants insurance' [pdf] which has led to substantial litigation.

HJR 18 Suzanna Hupp R - Lampasas. A constitutional amendment to grant a broad right of privacy.

A look at the pre-filed Senate legislation will be forthcoming.

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