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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Decade in the Making - Jottings By an Employer's Lawyer

It is unlikely when I put down some thoughts about the EEOC's failure to use certified mail in sending out right to sue letters (For lack of a green card .... ), 10 years ago today that I gave any thought as to whether I would still be (at least occasionally) making such public comments a decade later.

But I am.

There were some other practice specific blogs when I began, but to my knowledge Jottings was the first that focused on labor and employment law. Two other pioneers,  Michael Fitzgibbons and George Lenard joined shortly after.  Now, to use some computer industry jargon, there are a large number of individuals and groups who occupy this space.

In the initial days, I must admit I enjoyed the thrill of being the first to post about a new decision or other development. Oddly enough, I even felt some sort of responsibility (for what was probably my readership of less than a dozen) to provide the information as carefully as possible.

Although the title of the blog denotes the perch from where I observe the world of work, I have tried to at least make sure that I took into account that on almost any topic I might post about, there is a different perspective, that deserved if nothing else my serious consideration and treating it (and those who hold it) with respect.

For those who might consider embarking on a similar adventure, and view it primarily as business development tool, you would be hard pressed to utilize me as an example of how well that works. On a cost benefit analysis, if I had put as much time into other forms of business development as I have spent on the blog, I would probably have developed more business.

But more importantly, I think writing the blog has contributed to keeping me abreast of the developments that have occurred over the past decade, and made me a better lawyer, one who happens to represent employers.

And in a world where the legal profession too often seems to me more about business and less about lawyering, I remain comfortable with the choice I have made.


Congrats Mike! I remember when you made that first "green card" post - doesn't seem like 10 years.
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